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port.jpg (98719 bytes)
Sitting pretty and posing for a pic

ear.jpg (185284 bytes)
Love those dried pigs ears!


bask.jpg (101440 bytes)
Comfy in my basket
pers.jpg (141892 bytes)
Love to stretch out like a person


bbag4.jpg (154748 bytes)
Aren't I just too cute???
trouble.jpg (115890 bytes)
Up to no good!!!
Looking a little coy I think
Looking bashful
bbag3.jpg (171422 bytes)
Guess who's taken over the beanbag???
sitting.jpg (124699 bytes)
Behaving myself
kennel.jpg (111834 bytes)
Checking out my new kennel
bath.jpg (95322 bytes)
My first bath
baath.jpg (101750 bytes)
Not too sure about it though!
jsleep.jpg (146915 bytes)
Sporting my new jumper
j2.jpg (146265 bytes)
It's a dogs life!
sleep.jpg (144419 bytes)
Sleeping like a baby
crawfonjamo.jpg (166066 bytes)
Resting on Jamie
overshoulder.jpg (12537 bytes)
Love to pose
restingonrock.jpg (33512 bytes)
Very hard pillow!
crawfonconcrete.jpg (199447 bytes)
Beautiful boy
image1.jpg (8734 bytes)
July 2001
image2.jpg (14940 bytes)
Eye on the cat