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Hello and welcome to 'Beagle Bytes'.
So what's this all about?  Well, the fact that you've made it here would indicate that you have some interest dogs, possibly a particular interest in beagles.  My poor old dog had to be put to sleep on April 27th after suffering what was likely a stroke.  I wasn't going to get a new dog immediately, but a friend suggested if I were going to, that I should do it sooner rather than later.  So two days after losing our precious pooch, I headed off to the lost dogs home, only to be disappointed that there was not a suitable dog available for adoption.  On the way home in the car I was talking about how I'd always wanted a beagle.  As we neared home that Sunday afternoon, one of the local petshops was open.  I decided to go in for a look and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw two beagles for sale!
I told myself not to rush into anything and asked the price, after which I advised the owner that I would give the matter serious consideration.  After returning to the car, I couldn't stop thinking of those beautiful eyes looking up at me and we hadn't even driven 200 metres when I decided that this puppy was meant for me, and this has lead me to here......
I would like to think that any dog lovers, regardless of breed, would enjoy and contribute to this site.  As my old dog was 5 years old and housetrained when I acquired her, I'm a novice when it comes to raising a puppy - as I'm sure many of you once were too...So I'll be posting questions on the message board and looking forward to your replies and I encourage anyone and everyone to post any questions or answers they may have regarding their precious dogs.

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